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Hi!this isnt my themes these are just tweaked by me i credited all themes please dont remove credits i beg and this is a tutorial blog too ^_^ message me for tutorials.under construction sweethearts.

http://pastebin.com/PCEhNhjh the code it there  and the live preview is http://vintagetheme6.tumblr.com/ sorry i didnt put a pic of a live preview code cause i was on a hurry im very sorry but its amazing!you’ll see

alterria: Hi, the navigation menu button on lovely theme four doesnt work?

maybe you didnt put the link on it 

lunar-naut: I have a question regarding Lovely theme 4. My ask box doesn't work! I have to manually type in the URL for my ask page for it to work. Making a new link directing to it doesn't work either. Any suggestions?

go to settings click the blog you’de like to put ask thing in the account in the left side scroll down til’ you see Ask []let people ask question click the box done!

Live Preview | Code
this isnt my theme this theme is from themes by yami
i think ill miss you forever theme 5
long desc
5 links
sidebar is on the left
favicon is mug that has a heart on the middle

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this isnt my theme this is just tweaked by me.
Live Preveiw | Code
Lovely theme 4
1 Column
ribbon Cursor
pink and blue cursor (if your cursor is in the image the cursor will turn blue if the cursor is outside the image it’ll turn pink)
dropdown navigation menu
long description
pink wooden background 

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i hate you theme 3
rainbow hover links
shadow hover links
7 links
vintage flower pink background
long description
2 columns
sidebar is on the right side 
links are on the upper side

this isnt my theme only tweaked by me.
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Live preview | Code
Your not perfect theme 2
not super duper long description but super long decription
sidebar is on the upper
Navigation menu is a hover 
4 links
Pink background
gray scrollbar
my special themes

this is just tweaked by me 
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Live preview | Code
not long description
sidebar is on the up
6 links
gray scrollbar
light blue background
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